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  • Program Overview

    Keynote: 60-90 Minutes

    Workshop or Breakout: 60-120 Minutes

    Who This Program Is For:

    Managers of 5 or more team members

    Executive leadership

    Remote teams

    Churches with large staff


    • How to develop a consistent message across leadership teams
    • Creating a WEB organization
    • Why 40% of people leave within a year and what YOU can do about it
    • Growing emotionally intelligent teams 
  • Description

    How do you lead people? You can push them, pull them or a better way is to show them how to walk forward on their own! WEB Leadership is designed to do just that! There is nothing better to have on any team than trust and healthy relationships from the top to the bottom. This design is built for organizations that want ONE consistent message to be felt throughout the company. ONE way of leadership being modeled. 

    This is not easy but our strategies built into this easy to understand program will help you create your very own WEB LEADERSHIP. Christopher Williams will introduce your company to a world that promotes growth and challenge in a healthy way. His insight on team dynamics and what WEB leadership looks like will inspire, entertain and have the teams ready to implement your vision!