• See Beyond Your Current Culture

  • Program Overview

    Keynote: 60-90 Minutes

    Workshop or Breakout: 60-120 Minutes


    • Best practices in CHANGE MANAGMENT
    • 3 steps to awareness & identifying current culture
    • Increasing your social impact within the organization
    • Unapologetic authenticity 
    • Building vulnerable-based trust among teams
    • Understanding your values and how to commit to them in new ways
    • How to RE-ENGAGE employees to the culture


    • Increase of team member engagement 
    • Decrease of turnover from the average 48% to 13% 
    • Growing the productivity of employees by 12%


  • Description

    In a study of 365 companies around the world who want high performance, Culture had to change. Estimated 70% of leaders know their culture is the source of who they are and 65% know it can change. 81% believe that a without a high performing culture, the company is average at best. The problem is less than 10% succeed at building great culture. 

    If changing the culture of business was easy, EVERYONE WOULD DO IT! We all know the potential benefits of changing culture but what is missing is the correct process in order to make it stick. This design is created with the process in mind. We will work with your leaders and executors within your organization to deliver a Keynote or Workshop that speaks directly to where you are and lay the tracks to get the train moving to where you want to be. 

    Professional speaker Christopher Williams will entertain, inspire and deliver a customized solution for you! This process will be highly engaging and thought provoking the entire time we are together. Change may seem small but it's value can grow if you have enough of it. When we work together in designing this solution, the delivery will show just how great small change can be. Get ready to start a fire in your organization that will spread! Get ready to SEE BEYOND YOUR CURRENT CULTURE!