• How To Become G.E.D

  • Program Overview

    Keynote: 60-90 Minutes

    Workshop: 4 Hours

    Who This Program Is For: 

    Team members without an Undergraduate Degree

    Managers and Leaders

    HR Professionals

    Your Professionals Will Learn:

    • Becoming marketable in corporate america
    • Creating "ROCK STAR" value that everyone can see
    • Delivering with excellence 
    • The secret to building your knowledge

    Your Managers and Leaders Will Learn:

    How to create a roadmap for team member success

    Developing a killer learning environment

  • Description

    You may not know that many team members are frustrated. They know they have all the skills needed for a particular job they want but are unsure because they don’t have an undergraduate degree. The relationships are there and even the right resources to gain the necessary knowledge to grow. Maybe you are tired of being turned down only because you don’t have a undergraduate degree. The job market is challenging and that degree is a tough qualifier to overcome. Some of us have found ways to overcome this obstacle and able to get into roles and live a better life with more flexibility than we ever imagined.

    This design will bridge the gap between manager and team member who is without an undergraduate degree. As leaders in an organization, it is important that there is a clear path to develop and groom all team members. We will show you best practices, value added tools and many other useful resources to create the synergy necessary for optimal productivity. Every relationship is important, this one may become your best advocates across the company!


  • What Others Say About This Program

    Stacey Henderson- Charlotte Works, A Division of NC Commerce

    "Mr. Williams was engaging and inspiring with our audience consistently offering real-life examples to our audience.  He wasn't just entertaining but drilled down to the heart of the matter, and provided relevant information that people could walk away with that they can put to action! I would highly recommend Christopher Williams for your next conference as the keynote speaker."