• Value Add Topics

    • Employee Engagement
    • Diversity & Inclusion                 
    • Motivating Employees
    • Building Culture                            
    • Creativity
    • Casting Vision                                
    • Action Planning
    • Business Strategy Alignment          
    • Team Collaboration
    • Leadership Accountability              
    • Management Diversity
    • Change Management                    
    • Re-Engagement
    • Office Dynamics                            
    • Conflict Resolution
    • Change Management Readiness Strategies
  • Audiences Best Served

    • Human Resources
    • Retail Management                      
    • Executive Leadership
    • Senior Management                      
    • Creatives
    • Directors                                      
    • Educators
    • Learning and Development            
    • Associations
    • Church Leaders                            
    • Sales Teams
    • Colleges and Universities              
    • Community Colleges
    • High Schools                              
    • Small Business
    • Entrepreneurs
  • What People Say About Christopher!

  • I’ve had the pleasure to see Chris speak on multiple occasions and his ability to command an audience is second to none. Chris has an innate ability to deliver content to the level the audience will best understand, meaning he might deliver the same message to students as he would adults, but the method he uses look and sound entirely different. As gifted as Chris is as a speaker, he is equally as gifted as a listener. I was extremely impressed with the amount of preparation Chris puts in on the front end. He truly becomes a student of your business, school, etc. before delivering content, to the point where your audience will think he works for your company. Oh by the way, Chris is one funny guy! If you have an upcoming meeting where you need a keynote speaker, I strongly recommend you consider Chris Williams.

    Todd Adair- GE Healthcare, Regional Manager

  • Chris has the unique ability to grab the audience’s attention from the very start and keep them engaged until the very end. He uses a great mix of personal stories, relatable examples, and mixes in humor at appropriate times. Chris presents you with challenges and gives you many angles of how to overcome them. He is a powerful and energetic speaker that I would recommend for companies large or small.

    Michael Bursich- Net Health, Vice President

  • "Mr. Williams was engaging and inspiring with our audience consistently offering real-life examples to our audience. He wasn't just entertaining but drilled down to the heart of the matter, and provided relevant information that people could walk away with that they can put to action! I would highly recommend Christopher Williams for your next conference as the keynote speaker."

    Stacey Henderson- Charlotte Works, A Division of NC Commerce

  • "Christopher is an engaging and effective communicator with the ability to not just speak to people, but to move them to action. He possesses a rare gift for reading the room and responding appropriately, adjusting his methods to meet people where they’re at, but refusing to leave them where they’re at. I highly recommend Christopher to any company."

    Scott Hosey- Elevation Church, Campus Pastor

  • Designing For Your Audience

    When putting your event together we know how important it is to ensure the keynote speaker you choose is the right one. We know you need someone who can deliver with Dynamic, Entertaining and Value Rich delivery. Christopher Williams understands the investment you are making. In order to ensure a healthy mutual relationship, we have provided for you an idea of how you can best use Christopher Williams at your next conference, workshop, or association meeting. 

    "But what if we need a customize program"? Great question! Christopher Williams knows everyone has different needs. He can customize a solution delivery just for you and communicate the key points you need the audience to walk away with.  

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