• edufit

  • Program Overview

    Keynote: 60-90 Minutes

    Workshop or Breakout: 60-120 Minutes

    Your Educators Will Learn:

    • Why the VALUE of educators continue to increase
    • Managing teacher to teacher dynamics
    • Creating and SUSTAINING healthy culture with all faculty 
    • How to finish strong without losing ANYONE along the way
    • The best practices to win each quarter

    Your Return On Investment:

    • Higher performance of educators
    • Increased confidence and focus
    • Greater communication among teams
    • Sustained energy and greater trust throughout the year
  • Program Description

    ATTENTION ADMINISTRATION! It is time that we are honest about the climate of your educators. Many educators are losing their passion because they experience BURNOUT early in the school year. You notice the low morale and performance of old and new educators but don't know where to start. The long hours, stress of meeting tight deadlines and budget cuts make it hard to be excited year 10 like you were day 1 of your educational career. This design is built to EduFit administration and educators with the tools and motivation that is sustainable throughout the ENTIRE YEAR!

    Professional speaker Christopher Williams will entertain, inspire and deliver a customized solution for you! Education is more valuable now than it ever was. Get ready to REDISCOVER the passion, purpose and calling that you have for training our next generation of leaders through this awesome design as a keynote or workshop. It's time to get EDUFIT!