• Looking Good Through Change

  • Why Choose Christopher Williams As Your Next Keynote Speaker?

    Have you ever needed to deliver a message with high value, entertainment and thought provoking style? This guy gets it! Here is what you will get every time Christopher Williams is with your audience;

    A) The message you want delivered with ENERGY!

    Christopher knows what a challenge it can be for meeting planners, managers, directors and executives to provide the spark and flare needed for team members to follow. If you hire him for one of his awesome programs or to customize a designed solution, you will be in good hands. Get ready to laugh, cry, stand and cheer the entire time.

    B) An emotional journey with real stories that connect.

    Christopher Williams believes that Hollywood has taught us one thing; stories help change the world for the better. And when he gets inside of your teams, he will uncover the stories that resonate and matter to your vision and share them with the larger audience.

    C) Challenging perspective and action oriented delivery.

    It’s one thing to motivate people; it’s another to call them to ACTION. With Christopher Williams, action should be his middle name! Forward progress is something he strongly believes everyone should experience in the workplace and in life. 

  • My story

    I know what that’s like first hand to be surround by hopelessness. I grew up in poverty and not much to look forward to. Death was as normal as blinking and many people didn't expect anything out of life because they had been so beat down by it. After several traumatic experiences before I was 18, my mother decided to move to another state that would change my life forever.

    Life’s Big Question…Why?

    Eventually my quality of life grew. My relationships became valuable and I grew as a person. But what I couldn't figure out was WHY? What made me different than everyone else? Why me? How is it that I was able to get past all of those circumstances and setbacks and still live a life I never dreamed of? Everyone I knew didn't make the change in his or her lives.

    What I Learned

    When I began to study the path of my life I found a framework that became my life's work. I found out that I was not the only one with this framework and that many individuals, organizations and companies were able to build valuable cultures and still maintain their AUTHENTICITY. This framework has become my life's journey to share with the world to help you See Beyond Your Current Culture.

    Redesigning the workplace culture of your business is hard work. It starts by addressing the gaps within the teams of your oganization so that when you make change, everyone is on board and it sticks. If you want to build high performing teams that are contagious throughout the organization THIS IS FOR YOU!

  • Our innovative approach is very simple, to make you look good in the process of change! We will work together with your leaders and executors to create a customized solution.

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